Room Service

Breakfast Options

Our room service menu is available to all of our canine guests! (Cat menu items coming soon!) You will be able to make choices during the registration process.

K9 Kiche- Yummy dog-friendly quiche made with eggs, organic veggies, and cheese, in three varieties: turkey, beef, or chicken depending upon the day. $12

Fido Frittata- Your dog will delight in devouring our tasty frittatas! Made from free-range, organic eggs, fresh spinach, and just a touch of sharp cheddar. $12


Meaty Muttloaf-  The perfect comfort food for Fido features ground turkey and lean ground beef, peas, corn, and carrots, served with rice.  $15

Chicken-A-La-Woof- A meal fit for K9 king…A delicious medley of seasoned chicken, kidney beans, peas, butternut squash served with wild rice. $15


Sweet Potato Snaps-Your pup will love the chewy crunch of these healthy snacks.  Seasoned with a bit of rosemary (which is an anti-oxidant as well as a digestive aid) these are always a huge hit! $8

Healthy Hound-We offer a seasonal veggie snack with a mixture of both raw and cooked vegetables for your famished furry friend! Green beans, peas, asparagus, carrots, zucchini…the choices vary depending upon time of year.  $12


Yogurt Pupsicles– Flavors vary for this summertime frozen treat: apple-peanut butter, salmon-anise seed, and blueberry-pear are a few of the favorites! Refreshing and healthy! $8

Pooch Pumpkin Pastries– Pumpkin is so good for our canine friends, and they love it, too! Served during the fall and winter months, these delectable treats are hand-crafted with pumpkin of course, applesauce, and molasses, and served warm…Mmmmmm!!! $8