About The Facility

Luxury Unleashed is the exact opposite of the typical boarding kennel:

  • The facility is basically an indoor “village” of private, themed cottages designed to be little mini-homes for furry guests.
  • It is quiet and peaceful, except for the hum of the TV’s in each cottage, which offer a dog-specific channel for guests’ enjoyment.
  • It smells clean because it is clean. Shannon will readily admit that she is an OCD germaphobe, so cleanliness is paramount.
  • Guests lounge on memory foam human quality mattresses. Guests individual needs dictate bed sizing and height:  little ones who shouldn’t jump can have a low-rise trundle, multiple guests can lounge on a twin sized beds..each guests needs are considered and met.
Luxury Unleashed is not a typical boarding kennel.

It’s all about being pampered at Luxury Unleashed! The individual needs of each guest are considered. Room service, outside fun and playtime,  bed-time stories… And no, we do not accept human guests!

Small and personal: Because we only have a few enclosures, we are able to focus on personal contact with every guest! Pets go home well-rested and happy. Our guests are treated with loving care, with a focus on interaction with humans and other friendly dogs! Whether your pet prefers to be pampered, or lives to be playful, he will love visiting Luxury Unleashed!

  • It is a safe and healthy environment, free of chemicals. We use enzymatic, non-toxic cleansers. Our outdoor lawn care products are safe and organic: we use only vinegar and salt for weed control. Even our paint is no VOC!
  • Each cottage is equipped with a camera…text Shannon at any time if you are wondering what your buddy is up to-and she will text you back a screen shot from of one the cottage cameras in each suite.
  • Our entire facility is patrolled by a state-of-the-art security system, and owners live on-site as well. The safety and security of our guests is paramount.

We have a graveled “restroom” yard and also fenced and spacious play yards for exercise!  We have plenty of room for pool time, games of fetch, and often a favorite canine game:  “watch-the-human-chase-me-and-try-to-get-the-ball-back!” (We seem to play that game here quite often!)  We believe that exercise and socialization in a safe, monitored environment is critical to the well-being of our active guests!

We will love and pamper your pets while they are in our care!