Feeling a little guilty about leaving your best friend behind? We offer many varied pampering services individually and also part of package deals as well. You  will be given the option to choose any extras you might want to have for your furry friend during the reservation/application process!

How about some relaxing spa services?? 

Infrared massage therapy, “Pawticures”, coat conditioning, and extra snuggle sessions are all available for your barking buddy! (The following services are all available in our Mini Spa Bundle for $69, which is a savings of $20! Look for this option on the application page!)

  • “Pawticure”: Nail trim & file, foot massage, and pad conditioning treatment-your dog will LOVE it! Great for those pooches who hate having their nails done! $35
  • Leave-in Coat Conditioning Treatment $18 Helps with excessive shedding, dry skin, and that lovely “doggy smell” too!
  • Ear Flush and Cleaning $18 We use a soothing, alcohol-free, botanical ear cleaner which continues to work for several days after application!
  • Teeth Brushing & Inspection $18 We will brush and inspect your buddy’s teeth, AND a special doggy toothbrush to take home, too! (Note: this is not a substitution for regular dental cleanings from your veterinarian…but it helps!)
  • Mini Spa Package-this package includes all of the above services for $69, which is a $20 savings!!
  • Full Spa Package-All of the above service, and then add a healthy and relaxing infrared massage, and some yummy, organic, homemade bone broth for $99!

Does your buddy need some extra snuggles or more outside exercise??

Check out our pamper packages and see which one your buddy would enjoy the most! Our packages offer a variety of extra services for our precious guests so they can fully enjoy their vacations too. And for our multiple-pet owners, the services for each guest in the same cottage are are all included! Read more about our pamper packages here…

Would your best friend enjoy some room service?? 

We can provide enjoyable, homemade, organic treats to pamper your dog during your absence. We understand that some dogs may have difficulty eating when their owners are away, so we always have a selection of free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, lamb, wild-caught cod and salmon, as well as a variety of organic dog-friendly fruits and vegetables to encourage their appetite. We offer organic, dog-safe meal enhancers (listed above) $8 per day, in spring and summer season we have Yogurt Pupsicles $8, and fall and winter season we have our yummy Pooch Pumpkin Pastries $8. You will find an option to add these on our application form.