Introducing an Unforgettable Play Experience for Your Beloved Pooch!

🐾 WHO: Embark on a captivating journey of weekly, closely-monitored play sessions, uniting dogs of every size, age, and personality. Even the most timid canines thrive through this meticulously-crafted social interaction. Engaging play intertwines seamlessly with restful indoor naps, complemented by delectable homemade bone broth and organic treats. Our program caters to elderly, low-energy, special-needs, and small dogs, who relish Playcare just as much as their lively counterparts, thanks to the power of pack dynamics!

🐶 WHAT: Meet the driving force behind these transformative sessions – Shannon Heggem, our facility owner, backed by decades of dog behavior expertise and group-play finesse. Joining her are indispensable team members, her sister Colleen and husband Dennis, ensuring a complete and enriching experience for your furry companion.

📍 WHERE: Discover the magic at 628 8th Street, Havre – our haven of play, equipped with three sprawling play yards and a refreshing pool. For those unpredictable weather days, our expansive indoor space ensures uninterrupted joy even during winter months.

⏰ WHEN: Every Thursday, our Playcare promises year-round enchantment. Seamlessly convenient self-drop off and pick-up options welcome your pup between 6 and 9 am at their designated spot within our kennel facility. After a day filled with excitement, collection times span from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.

🌟 WHY: Unleash the extraordinary! Our Playcare Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your furry friend to thrive within a safe and exhilarating pack environment. A playground where learning and joy intertwine, as supervised social interactions instill confidence and happiness in every wagging tail.

📝 HOW: Invitation-only access awaits. If Shannon has extended her invitation to you, seize the moment and secure your spot in this unparalleled journey by clicking here to fill out an existing client Playcare application.

Elevate your pet’s world today – Enroll Now and Be Part of the Adventure! 🐕🎉

Are you new to Luxury Unleashed and interested in joining the fun? Simply fill out a new client Playcare application and arrange for your veterinarian to share your pup’s vaccination records. Once we have your details, we’ll assess your dog’s suitability and set the stage for an exciting evaluation in our PLAYCARE program!


  • One dog, four session pass ($40 per day) $160 (plus $99 membership fee).
  • Two dogs, four session pass ($52 per day) $208 (plus $99 membership fee).
  • Three dogs, four session pass ($62 per day) $248 (plus $99 membership fee).


Kindly take a moment to thoroughly explore our enrollment details on the policy page: