Playcare Policies

We have strict enrollment and attendance policies as we can only take a finite number dogs at a time into the program. Much planning and preparation goes into each week’s session, not only for activities but also for the treats, as well as set up for drop off and pick up. By enrolling in Playcare, you are essentially purchasing a spot for your dog in each of the concurrent sessions; it is your choice whether or not he is present.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendees who are unable to attend for ANY reason will have 50% of the session fee subtracted from their pass for EVERY missed session. This includes planned absences for vacations and illness, as well as emergencies or forgotten sessions. The only exception that will be made is if the dog(s) is actually being boarded with us on a Playcare day. Those sessions will be tallied at the end of the calendar year and will be adjusted to your account accordingly.

ENROLLMENT POLICY: You may terminate your dog’s enrollment in Playcare anytime, but it is best to do after your passes have been utilized as no refunds will be issued. Re-enrollment into the program is not guaranteed, and is subject to availability. Please be aware that the $99 membership fee will be charged for re-enrollment, no exceptions.

PAYMENTS: All payments are made online as a recurring subscription fee. You are charged for four sessions in advance and may cancel anytime. Please be aware however that you will be required to pay the $99 membership fee when you wish to enroll.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES: Drop-offs can be made between 6 and 9 am, and dogs may be picked up anytime between 2:30 and 6:30. We are happy to accommodate you if you need to drop off earlier or pick up later-just send a text to let us know.

FACEBOOK GROUP: We communicate with all of our Playcare members solely through our private Playcare Facebook Group. You can create an anonymous profile if you are not active on social media and use that to access the group; you will not be required to post anything except for a confirmation occasionally that you have seen a notice, etc. This is a requirement in order for your dog to participate in our program.

ILLNESS & SANITATION: We ask that our Playcare attendees keep in touch with us regarding any changes to the overall health of enrolled dogs in our program. Please inform us of any coughing, gagging, hacking, sneezing, or sounding congested, vomiting or diarrhea, itching, lethargy, or any other noticeable changes.